We help old souls live happily ever after

Zen Results is a spiritual awakening process that opens the spiritual eyes of your soul releasing you from the darkness overspreading you by the delusions of your outward senses so you can hear your inner-voice, see what’s so, decide your best next step and take it and live happily ever after.

CORNY? You’re Damn Right!

But why the hell not?

The Zen Results Process integrates body, mind, and spirit to create 360-Degree Spiritual Awareness allowing you to bring about virtually anything you want in the physical world.

ZEN: Is the art and practice of being present, living in the moment fully aware and conscious of what your next step should be and never surprised by the outcome or what happens next.

RESULTS: Your outcomes in the real world. What a fly on the wall can observe and see. Results are your KARMA (causation or cause and effect).

3Rs Mastery:

  • Right Meditation (stillness)
  • Right Thought
  • Right Action

HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Imagine creating in your mind’s eye the future of your dreams. Then taking the most direct and harmonious path to bring about that future. Feel the confidence and certainty of always knowing your next step and never being surprised…

That’s the Zen Results Possibility.

FIRST: know

Self-Knowledge is your source of power and starts with answering these three questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?

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SECOND: grow

Spiritual Growth is fun, an adventure when you know you’re on purpose, walking your right path.

Stillness Meditation
Healing (yourself and others)
Psychic/Mediumship Abilities

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Be Yourself – Jump into life’s flow and do something that makes you proud without selling your soul.

Be healthy, wealthy and wise.
Be loving, attractive, and bold.
Be happy in work that makes you smile.

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If you’re like us, you’re drawn to spirituality like a moth to light.

Intuitively you understand that self-knowledge is power, spiritual growth should be fun, and doing the right things will get results.
And you know this to be true because it just “feels right.”

Stay Connected, Engaged, Inspired

If you’re alive, you have more experiences to gather and understand.

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