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Awareness Quotes: Give up knowing

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Controlling one’s mind is a delicate balance between practicing control and allowing awareness. One can not exist without the other. By giving up knowing, you can see things as they truly are. Enjoy your practice. From Nathanial.

OpEd by Rev Terry Hall: Wow! Give up knowing?!? I’ve spent my entire life trying to know. Learning what there is to know. Pretending that I know, because not knowing meant I wasn’t cool, or stupid, or out of the loop. Give up knowing… What would that look like?

  • Maybe by not knowing and allowing my mind to see,  what there is to see keeps me from judging and prejudging people, things and situations.
  • Maybe by not knowing, I can see things with the eyes of a child once again.
  • Maybe by not knowing, stress and anxiety leave my body as awareness allows me to trust what’s truly there rather than what I think is there.
  • Perhaps by not knowing, I can accept love as it is being given rather than the way I feel it should be given.
  • It’s possible by not knowing, my body can heal from any illness and be restored to health.
  • Could it be that by not knowing we can indeed what is coming up before us and make life decisions so informed?

Of course these things are all possible by not knowing, that is if we are willing to practice meditation which gives us control over our emotions and mental processes. And from a quiet mind, in our control and receptive and aware of what is truly there about us, we can indeed know what there is to know.

About TS Hall

TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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