The Tale of a Clairvoyant Scammer

What would you do?

If there was ever a time Donna would sell her soul to the devil, this was it.

She had to make a decision, and it sucked big time. In desperation to make the right choice, Donna threw a Hail Mary pass…

It all started when Donna’s husband died, four months earlier. As she was leaving the cemetery, a young boy handed her an envelope and ran away. The handwritten note read “I have a message from your husband. He needs your help. Will call you soon.”

Three sleepless days later, the call came. The clairvoyant explained she was a psychic and medium and Donna’s husband sought her out saying he had unfinished business on the earth plane and couldn’t go “into the light” Donna’s help.

An appointment was set to meet that night at a diner. The meeting went well. Donna provided the clairvoyant with the few small details and the clairvoyant assured her that her husband would be able to enter the light.

Donna felt relief and when she got home, fell asleep hard.

beware of clairvoyant and psychic scammer

Three days later, the clairvoyant shows up at Donna’s front door with bad news. Her husband was still stuck on this side. He needed Donna to clean up more of the many messes he’d made before dying.

This time clairvoyant asked for a fifty dollar donation because this work was much more “dangerous” than before. Donna paid.

This scam lasted for three months

As you guessed, this continued over the next three months. Each time, more money was needed to clean up the messes.

Donna was out of cash. To get the next payment she had to raid her retirement accounts. But she had to. Because if she didn’t clean up these last few messes, the clairvoyant insisted that he would never enter the light.

If Donna didn’t give the clairvoyant $27,000, her husband’s eternal soul would be lost forever.

As a last-ditch effort to trust what she already knew to be true in her heart, Donna reached out to me through Facebook. She saw one of my Facebook posts a friend shared and sent me a PM.

Over the next several hours, I was horrified. It turned out the clairvoyant was a gypsy who was scamming her at of her time of greatest duress.

Donna never gave the clairvoyant the $27,000. But she made this decision only after her husband shared a small tidbit of information that convinced her I was actually speaking with him.

Against my advice, Donna refused to turn the clairvoyant over to the local sheriff. When we touched into it, there was a significant risk of retribution if she did.

The last I heard from Donna, she still wasn’t quite sure she did the right thing. But she had begun grieving the loss of her husband and healing the emotional upheaval of the scam perpetrated against her.

In one of our last communications, she said she had always felt she was being taken advantage of, but the fear her husband not entering the light was too much for her to bear.

And so it is…

Getting Results

getting zen results requires right actionSTEP 1: Transfer these crucial points to your journal right now for later reference

  • First: Never accept or believe anything a psychic or medium says that doesn’t feel right. NEVER! If it doesn’t feel right, you can file it away but don’t act on the information.
  • Second: Our loved ones do not need help crossing over or entering the light.
  • Third: There is no unfinished business from this side that an entity has to complete and they need nothing from you. NOTHING!
  • Fourth: In most cases, when someone crosses over, they are greeted by friends and loved ones who embrace them and welcome them home.
  • Fifth: It is absolutely okay to report scammers to the local authorities. But you must see whether doing so will create additional harm against you. These are criminals NOT psychics and mediums.

STEP 2: Schedule some time to ponder these questions

  1. Who in your life, if they died today, would you want to know you love them?
  2. If you had a magic wand and could tell anyone anything, who would that be and what would you say?
  3. Who in your life can you call to get help and assistance if something weird as hell happens to you like a stranger offering you a message from a dead relative? Put their contact info in your phone, now!

STEP 3: Possible actions that can help you thrive

  • Tell everyone you love, you love them. In fact, call them as soon as you finish this article.
  • Any ill feelings or grudges you feel towards another person, make amends and do so now.
  • Finally, you may want to develop your mediumship skills so when a friend or loved one dies you can connect with them yourself.

Note: I find it best to schedule actions like these in my calendar the week I plan to do them.

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About TS Hall

TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.


  1. Terese Stewart on May 12, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    Terry Thanks for sharing this story, sad but true & we’re all vulnerable at times to fall prey to these scams. It’s really good to hear the precautions you mention in “Getting Results”., they can sober a person right up when their in it over their head. & save them from a costly mistake ….

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