Getting rid of evil spirits: A bulletproof, three-step process.

It was late October, and they were tucked in and snuggled away in a mountain cabin on a couch next to a toasty stone hearth celebrating their anniversary.

The TV played a séance to contact Harry Houdini. The wind was blowing making some branches scrape the cabin, and there were other creaks and bumps from time to time.

The stage was set for evil spirits to cause an evening of mischief and mayhem. There was little sleep to be had that night because every time our young groom closed his eyes, he immediately saw a spirit entity. The face of a woman very solid, real. She didn’t go away.

It seems the séance opened a portal to the other world in this quiet mountain cabin that stayed open until the sun came up. He was exhausted but kept his story and experience to himself. He didn’t share it with anyone.

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How to get rid of evil spirits?

Follow this bulletproof, three-step process for getting rid of evil spirits.
NOTE: This process only works if you’re ready to be free AND mentally well and NOT inebriated (under the influence of drugs or alcohol).

Step 1: Rebuke the entity and demand they leave immediately.

Step 2: Take several minutes to record your experience and the words you used to rebuke the entity in your journal or notebook.

Step 3: Take a short walk or another exercise to calm down then meditate, touch stillness.

There are no evil spirits.

You see, there are no evil spirits. There are ignorant and unaware spirit entities but none that are inherently evil. As a psychic medium for the past 30 years, I’ve never encountered an “evil spirit.”

If supernatural evil existed, it would have won out a long time ago. When you experience anything that goes bump in the night, know it’s not evil but of this world. Follow the three-step process and restore harmony to your life.

Share your experiences in the comments section below.

Please share your personal experiences and insights with evil spirits and things that go bump in the night in the comments below. We all love a good ghost story.

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