When you know your future you can plan accordingly and walk your path with the confidence of knowing.

How many times have you had a feeling that something was about to happen, in your near future, but didn’t entirely trust yourself to listen?

Knowing your future works like this…
Future events cast a shadow before they occur making it possible for us to perceive what’s likely to happen. But the future is NOT cast in stone. It’s a possibility. The closer the potential event the more likely it will happen and the stronger the shadow.

How to know your future…

  1. In your dreams.
  2. From your intuitions or gut feelings.
  3. By asking your spirit guides and teachers.

know your future by ts hall the stoic medium

Your Dreams

Many times we wake up knowing that something specific may happen. It’s imperative to have a journal or recorder to capture the relevant information immediately upon waking or we risk losing the premonition.

Hearing Your Intuitions and “Gut” Feelings

The spirit part of our self (that continues living after our body dies) is connected with the psychic universe and can perceive the foreshadows of future events. By learning the difference between our rational, thinking voice and our inner-knowing voice, we can accurately predict our most probable future.

Asking Your Spirit Guides and Teachers

The Spirits who have chosen to help us this lifetime do not have the distraction of a physical body. They are energy, pure consciousness and as such can see the shadows cast before future events. If knowledge of these future events will not interfere with our progression, they share this information with us so we can plan accordingly.

The Confidence of Knowing

The beautiful part about knowing your most likely future is being able to plan your actions and change the future, if desired. You can act to avoid unwanted events or to ensure wanted events occur.

Knowing your most likely future allows you to walk your path with the confidence of knowing.

If you lack the confidence and/or awareness to hear your inner voice or accurately communicate with your spirit guides and teachers, you can work with a competent medium.

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About TS Hall

TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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