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Living life your way begins with your control


Notice how your mind reacts to life when it doesn’t comply with your wishes. Notice your emotional reaction to the same. Do your reactions get the results you want? If not, how can you change them? From Christopher

OpEd: Today’s message from Christopher is priceless if you take it at face value. It came after my meditation practice and my attempting to conduct one of my spiritual practices. As I tried to do my spiritual exercise, my cat Mayhem came around for his morning chin scratch. He was quite persistent and his demands did not fit into my timeline and morning schedule. The more I ignored his persistent actions the more agitated I became. It took about 3 to 4 minutes to convince him I would not be scratching his chin to his satisfaction and having him give up. When I could return my attention to my practice, the result was horrible. I sucked big time. My mind and emotions were still in the frustrated and agitated state and I was not fully present during the exercise.

For a moment, I blamed Mayhem for my performance. In that moment I realized what I was doing and regained my mental control and disengaged my emotions. In this space of silence, Christopher stepped forward and gave me this message. In contemplating the message and the circumstances leading up to it, I realize I had many different choices which would have maintained my mental control and emotional stability.

How many times have I allowed life’s circumstances to cause me upset when it conflicts with my agenda?

More importantly, what is there to do about it in the moment to be able to live life your way?

Hint: The answers are found in the process of developing your awareness and during the mastery of your meditation practice.

This morning’s events show me how much more I have to learn, understand and master before I can always know my mext step and never be surprised… one definition of a saint.

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TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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