As a young person you probably could not wait until you grew up so your could control your own life and make your own decisions. Now that your grown up do you feel any different than when you were a child? Chance are not really. You see you are the same person in an older body but your personality and beliefs are almost the same as when you were growing up. This ain’t so bad if you accept is for what it is, YOU. Now about your future… it can be made to be what you want with 3 simple games. 1) The quiet game – quiet your mind. 2) The imagination game – visualize what you want in great detail. 3) The action game – start today making it happen and don’t quit. Sounds like fun to me and the very best part is when you win you get the perfect prize… a future of your own creation.

~Message from Christopher

About TS Hall

TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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