My entity (Rev Terry) was just imagining what type of message we would share on New Year’s Eve. His mind thought about an expression he heard in the past “amateur night”. The night when everyone thinks they’re a professional drinker and partier. It’s an interesting concept that someone would consider themselves a professional drinker. Think about this… What is it you consider yourself “professional” at doing? I’m not just talking about your job or career, but your personal and private life as well. What do you do so well that if you were paid for it, you’d love life? Or another twist with is it you wish you weren’t so professional at doing. Maybe eating too much, procrastinating, being late, fill in the blank ______.

Now really ponder this next question. Who decides what is right and wrong in the way you live your life? Interesting? Happy New Year.

~Message from Gene

About TS Hall

TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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