Today marks a new chapter in your life. A new year. You have the opportunity to start newly with your life and shape it into something that will make you truly happy. Proud. Fulfilled. To accomplish what it is you wish to accomplish is a simple matter of deciding what it is you want to accomplish. Affirming it is already accomplished and start acting accordingly. If you want to lose weight, it is a simple matter of deciding whether you truly want to lose weight or not. Losing weight is a lot like going to heaven. The joke is everyone wants to go but no one wants to die to get there. Losing weight is very similar, everyone wants to be thin and fit but no one wants to change their diet or exercise to get there. This is where affirmation works. Say what you want as already having it. For losing weight and getting fit and affirmation could be “I am fit and thin”. Repeat this daily several times throughout your day. Affirmations help you act accordingly to your desired goal.

The problem is your mind is not conditioned for your new life choice or goal. In addition, it helps to start learning control your mind. This in done with concentration and meditation. Concentration is one thought. Meditation is no thought. Both require practice to master but the results are indeed worth the practice. My highest blessings.

~Message from Tau Chuan Ling

About TS Hall

TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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