Look to the rising sun for your inspiration. Look to the full moon for your measure of time. Look within for your knowing.

A message from my Protector Guide, Red Hawk.

Spirit Shorts Episode 98: Our Spiritual Heritage Of Awareness

YOLO: You Only Live Once. Or should I say YOLOITB: You Only Live Once In This Body. It’s our connection to the earth, and it’s cycles that give a sense of rhythm and timing to our lives.

Our spiritual heritage includes an inherent relationship with these natural cycles and patterns. Each day as we awaken to new possibilities for life. Each day the sun rises to warms the earth and brings the inspiration of a dawning awareness for those on a spiritual journey. It’s our connection to the sun’s cycle that sets the pace for life’s rhythm.

As days come and go adding vitality and vigor to our lives, the moon’s cycle sets the pace like a metronome for our life. Each cycle of the moon sets up an opportunity to bring about our dreams, goals, and ambitions.

our spiritual heritage: Look to the rising sun for your inspiration. Look to the full moon for your measure of time. Look within for your knowing.Our daily spiritual practice leads to knowing. Knowing brings about peace of mind and certainty which leads to the accomplishment of our goals.

Once we slow down to the ritual of a daily spiritual practice, we begin to take control of our lives. We being to leverage our spiritual heritage to bring about a life we want and results. Over time, our awareness dawns and illuminates the journey along our path.

The biggest problem with Spirit Shorts and our simple message of Spiritualism is the truth is too simple. It’s not sophisticated or complex enough for most people. The message is to quite your mind. Practice your intuitive abilities with verifiable methods. Tell yourself the truth and keep track of your results.

Life becomes more simple, intentional and predictable.

About TS Hall

TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.


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