spiritual quotes about smiling from tau chuan ling, rev terry hall's spirit teacher

Smile Quotes: What are your creating to smile about today?


A simple smile goes a long way toward creating harmony in one’s life. Smiles open doors, show appreciation, joy, and contentment. What today are you going to create to smile about? It’s your choice. From Tau Chuan Ling

OpEd from Rev Terry Hall: It’s funny, this past Sunday we had our Spiritual Readings Day a the Chapel of Awareness. Between readings, several people noticed I was smiling and that my overall demeanor we lighter and more pleasant. I had created something for me to smile about. After decades of struggling with the decision to be ordained as a Spiritualist Minister and resisting what I loved doing, I’ve accepted my lot in life and now get to assist people along the path of their life’s journey.

My wife Amy is happier. I am happier. The students and congregation at the Chapel seem happier. Everyone is smiling more. Shakespeare was right, to thine own self be true… When you choose to do so, you will have lots of reasons to smile.

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