Your countless thoughts each day gives you your results. Look at your results to see how well you’re consciously thinking.

Message from my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling.

Spirit Shorts Episode 99: Spiritual Authority Starts Here

The only Spiritual Authority is YOU. You and you alone are responsible for your thoughts, actions and results in your life. It through controlling your thoughts that you take control of your life.

Beginning to control your thoughts is like deciding to cultivate an overgrown field by hand. When you look at the field, you hardly know where to begin. So you just start.

Before you can plant what you want to cultivate, you must clean up what’s already there. Everywhere you look there’s something that seemingly doesn’t belong. It’s hard work to remove that which doesn’t belong in your vision for the field.

After clearing the field. You begin to work on the soil. You amend it, fertilize it and prepare it for what you want to plant. Only then can you plant the seeds of your vision.

Once planted, you nurture and cultivate the seeds until they reach maturity. All the while, you must remove any unwanted plants and properly nourish.

It’s easy to see how this process works for cultivating plants in a new field.

The process is about the same for cultivating a life you want. The field is your mind. The seeds are your thoughts whether good or bad. The water is the energy and attention you give your thoughts. The nourishment is your action.

spiritual authority. Your countless thoughts each day gives you your results. Look at your results to see how well you're consciously thinking.When gardening, you get the best results when you give it regular attention. The same is true for creating the life you want.

Today’s message says the measure of your conscious thoughts are you results.

When the results we achieve are not what we want, one must direct our conscious thinking to our unconscious thoughts. Many times very old thoughts and opinions we have about ourselves, our circumstances and life have very well established root systems. We pull them up, but they persist.

These persistent mental weeds most often show up in the form of our self-esteem, worth or deservingness. If you’re consistently not happy and joyful with the results you produce in your life, notice whether one of these weeds of discontent or self-sabotage have rooted themselves in your unconscious.

You can eradicate these weeds with proper care and attention. Awareness of your results and the thoughts that preceded them are the formula to having a life that you want. It’s through your regular practice and discipline that you become the spiritual authority in your life.

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