Fear stops intuition cold and obscures reason. Look closely at what you fear. Is it the fear of greatness, upsetting others, not being liked? Each just as real as fearing the boogie man.

A message from my Spiritual Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling.

Spirit Shorts Episode 100: Fear Blocks Spiritual Discernment & Awareness

Fear has many faces, none of them empowering. Fear blocks intuition, psychic abilities and spiritual discernment. Fear also stops us from seeing things as they are and distorts rational thinking.

The worst types of fear start in the subconscious and is fueled by the imagination. It’s that gnawing feeling in your gut causing doubt and uncertainty when you have a decision to make.

These subconscious thoughts are the source and origins of life’s suffering that the Buddha described. Spiritual Discernment is the path to awakening he promised. It’s best to define spiritual discernment as awareness. Awareness of our spiritual nature or opening the spiritual eyes of our soul.

Fears and suffering originated in childhood as a response to the circumstances in your life. You created a personality and identity, integral to who you are this lifetime as your way to cope with life. But you are not your personality or identity.

Spiritual Background. Is that a chip on your shoulder? A funny expression, but so revealing. You have thoughts that don't serve you that will run your life as long as you allow them to.The process of developing Spiritual Discernment allows us to disassemble these subconscious thoughts. First by shining the light of awareness on them and then by consciously choosing different thoughts that support you.

A regular spiritual practice of meditation allows us to be consciously aware of our thoughts. As our meditation practice deepens, our we become ever more mindful of each thought and how it affects our actions.

In the end, it’s through rigorous practice that we develop confidence and esteem to step outside our predisposed personality traits and take right actions in our lives. This confidence leads to happiness, peace-of-mind, and fulfillment.

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TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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