Spiritual Mysteries: Each creature has its ways, its place in nature. Except for man who has forgotten his place. Awaken to your power and freedom and choose your way. It's your birthright.

Each creature has its ways, its place in nature. Except for man who has forgotten his place. Awaken to your power and freedom and choose your way. It’s your birthright.

A message from my Protector Guide, Red Hawk.

OpEd: As I’ve pondered Red Hawk’s message, I understand it at a basic level. But it’s the feeling that accompanied the message that puzzled me. The feeling was one of being limitless, boundless and unconstrained.

There is a Hindu Proverb that says there are three great mysteries, air to a bird, water to a fish, mankind unto himself. This mystery of our power and freedom struck me deeply. What is it that I am not seeing? These Spiritual Mysteries have puzzled man since his dawning awareness.

Birds don’t think about flying; they fly. Fish don’t think about swimming; they swim. What is it I can’t see? What is it so common to my existence that it’s undifferentiated from my awareness?

It’s my spiritual nature in a spiritual universe. Is it that all things are energy and energy, all things, the physical nature of our existence, merely an illusion?

While I can intellectualize this, it is only a theoretical concept. Sure, I believe Jesus turned water into wine. That healing is possible. That Spirit exists and that my mind is virtually limitless in its power.

But breaking free of my physical limitations imposed by my experiences of my time here this lifetime is something entirely different. Is there something magical and fantastic in nature? Part of me doesn’t want to be made the fool by spending my time on childish things.

More importantly, are these spiritual mysteries so difficult to experience? Hence the answer.

There is nothing to comprehend, understand or figure out. There is simply, what “feels right“. When it comes to miracles, magic, and spiritual mysteries, we either somehow know it’s true for us or not. If it doesn’t feel true to us, no amount of evidence will convince us.

However, knowing something feels true isn’t enough to bring it about reality. The adage, when the student is ready the spiritual teacher appears is proven. It’s in our moments of pure connection to this invisible universe that we swim and fly within that we can see its true nature.

The problem is once the veil lifts, we must work to master our new reality. This work, while effortless requires a different type of effort. An effort of awareness, intention and seeing things as they “newly” are, all the time… To be continued.

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TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.


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