a spiritual quote about judgement and judging

Spiritual Quote: Judge results, not yourself or others.


It is essential to judge your performance and results. To do otherwise leads to delusion. To judge yourself based upon those results does not lead to progress. Judge results, not yourself or others. From Nathanial

OpEd: In the Bible in the book of Matthew there it says, “Judge not lest ye be judged”. It goes on to explain why. It’s interesting today’s message is about judging only the results and not your self or others. For me, this points to our ability to accept and love ourselves. It seems most people with any level of sensitivity add meaning to their results and taking personally their ability to perform. In addition their performance is in their minds somehow a reflection on themselves and a person.

But does this self-judgement help or hinder you? Something to think about when you’re looking to make changes in your life. During a spiritual counseling session, the person I was assisting seemed to not only have self-judgements for every action they were considering, had taken and were taking. It was strangely interesting to observe the mental processes of someone who would never possibly win (have a positive result) for any action they in their life. I feel to some degree was all are our own worst critics. Passing harsh judgement on our every action or non-action. When these judgements do not support our progress we may want to consider something different.

For me, it’s a matter of mastering the 3-Rs. Right Meditation. Right Thought. Right Action. Our actions cause results. These results are positive or negative. By quieting our minds, we can then see the results are they truly are and in the proper context then decide what to do next. The cycle repeats until we get the result we desire or quit… It really is that simple. With practice and mastery, we develop competence which leads to confidence in our abilities to perform. This confidence make taking actions more easily. However, if we do not feel worthy of the results or can never allow ourselves the joy and satisfaction of being in action and accepting the results as they are (desired or not desired) then we have an esteem issue…

Self-Esteem resides deeply within our sub-conscious and informs our conscious actions whether we’re deserving and worthy of accomplishments of the highest order. All-to-often, it’s our lack of self-esteem which lies at the root of our self-sabotaging behaviors. Again, through the self-discovery a meditation practice provides we can learn self-love and acceptance and displace a lack of self-esteem with an abundance of self-worth and a feeling of being deserving. The key to this is the action part of the 3-Rs. For many, the best right-action is to meditate…

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