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Spiritually Speaking – Where has your sense of humor gone?


Where has your sense of humor gone? Your lightness and sense of ease that all other animals possess? Would not your journey be easier with a smile on your face and a mind free of burden? From Nathanial.

This is Nathanial’s elaboration for me on today’s Spirit Short:

Drop the heaviness, the significance and the self-importance and experience all of life. “All of life” includes your relationships and your ability to communicate with us (spirit). In making everything such a task and so heavy of a burden, you’ve lost the simple joys living and the willingness to have fun doing the trivial tasks like playing, talking with us, exercising, eating well and enjoying those you spend time with.

Look at where you spend all of your time. Is it time well spent? As you begin to ponder the heaviness, and burdens you carry in your life, realize that that you have a choice. And that choice is to smile and have fun, to relax, to embrace the simple pleasures that make life more enjoyable. Life truly is your gift. You forget that nobody ever gets out alive. While this may seem a cliche, think about it. The absolutely is no problem that will not be escaped the moment you cross over. Some people may feel that this is a cop out or in some way, not being responsible but it is true.

It’s often said that people who have embraced the fact that they are going to die one day, take this living much less seriously.

Why is this? Simply because they know there is no permanence in this lifetime. All the stuff you’re struggling to accomplish, and do and attain is lost. That is except the experiences and wisdom you garner deep within yourself, within your soul and your spirit. Remember the spirit is the only part of you that continues after you die. Allow yourself the freedom and the peace of mind and harmony to find something you love doing. Then start doing that thing. But don’t do that thing as a burden but as a joy. Choose to learn and master that which you’ve chosen to do simply because you’ve chosen the master it.

My initial response to Nathanial’s message was one of “What? Who, me?”

As I’ve sat with the message, I realize that any pressure, seriousness and burdens I have are the direct result of my unconsciousness and lack of moment-by-moment awareness (which some call mindfulness). What difference will the items of today’s to-do list matter in 100 hundreds years from today?

Compare this will the difference letting the people you love know you love them. What difference can that make in 100 years?

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TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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