It’s happened to all of us, every spiritually sensitive person I know.

We meet a friend who looks brilliant, happier than you’ve seen them in years. It’s as though they dropped the weight of the world from their shoulders.

Before you can ask what’s changed, they blurt out some incredible insight, the golden piece of wisdom that’s changed their life. They’ve finally found that missing piece of the puzzle. Life is good. After years, maybe decades of struggle, life is good.

bulletproof spirituality - spritually sensitivity helping friends see past blindspots

Without too much snarkiness or sarcasm

You, as deadpan as possible, without too much snarkiness or sarcasm, share your congratulations on their BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) you’ve been pointing out regularly since you met them.

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do know who’s “buried” in Grant’s tomb (no one’s buried in General Grant’s National Memorial, in case you’re curious). Our friend’s aha moment completes a circle for them, finally.

Spiritually sensitive people (healers, psychics, mediums, empaths, and intuitives) almost always “know” the right answers to the problems that plague the people around us.

We know the pain

In fact, we also know the pain, frustration, and discomfort our friends and loved ones experience on a direct, first-hand basis because we feel what they’re going through, we experience their pain.

Controlling empathy is a lesson, a life skill, all spiritual sensitives must learn and master. But mastery comes “in-time and on-time.”

You see, in-time and on-time is “spirit” time. Things happen when they happen, never before and never after.

You will master controlling your empathy when you master controlling empathy.

Three Ways to Help Your Friends and Family

While you’re learning to control your spiritual sensitivity, there are three ways to help your friends and family see solutions to their problems.

  1. Live your life as an example.
  2. Recreate what they’re saying.
  3. Find new friends.

First: Living your life as an example.

Be sure you’re living your life aligned with your values and beliefs. Doing so allows others to learn from your example freeing themselves up to be who they indeed are which in turn will enable them to more easily see what’s hidden in their blind spot(s).

Second: Recreation.

Saying or repeating back to someone what they’ve just spoken with the identical tone, manner, and energy allows them to feel heard, validated.

Recreating what they said enables them to experience what they’ve just spoken without needing to justify or defend themselves increasing the likelihood they can spot what’s hidden from their awareness.

Third: Find new friends.

Sometimes the only way to help someone be responsible for themselves is to set them free.

Doing so is especially true when the issues they’re dealing with are destructive (addictions, etc.) Some call this tough love, but if you’re spiritually sensitive, I call this blessing and leaving them with their karma.

The Heavy Toll on Spiritually Sensitive Individuals

The psychic cost of being around people engaging in self-destructive, negative behaviors creates a heavy toll on spiritually sensitive individuals.

Learning practical communication skills, practicing extreme self-care, and self-enforcing our boundaries are essential life-skills healers, psychics, mediums, empaths, and intuitives can use to help others be responsible for themselves while we master managing our empathy.

About TS Hall

TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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