Today’s message is from Mark, who shares: If you were to survey those around you in your daily life, what would be most important to them? Love, happiness, spiritual practice or is it clothes, cars, romance and toys? Take note whether you share the same interests deep within your awareness. For many exists a seed of discontent which can be a weed or your intent. Be sure what you’re cultivating with your thoughts and actions is what you want to harvest.

right thought, right action, What You Want To Harvest

Note: Today’s message is an interesting perspective on the 3Rs — Right Meditation, Right Thought, Right Action, in that when you seek to cultivate or bring about specific results you often forget to look to see whether our environment is the right one. Ask yourself whether what you want to harvest will grow where you’re you currently are. If not, you either have to change what you want to harvest for change environments.

This is something I’ve struggled with in my life. Mark’s message is a reminder that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or leave Rome.

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TS Hall is the Stoic Medium, a Spiritualist Minister who is also know as Rev Terry Hall.

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