Zen Sex? Yes, It’s A Thing.

zen sex - a joie d'sprit story by ts hall - the stoic medium
Samuel learned fast. Joie thought he must be simple-minded. She felt mean-spirited, pissed at herself for begrudging how Samuel took to meditation like a fish to water. His ability to concentrate surprised her the most.

They reserved the perfect Airbnb in Big Bear, a secluded Classic Airstream trailer. Next to the trailer was a large redwood deck and a six-hole putting green.

They arrived late Friday afternoon. Samuel’s putting lessons began as soon as the bags were inside. He asked Joie questions about “being the ball” between each practice round.

Each round, his ability to drop the ball in the hole improved. Even when he missed, he was happy because the ball was so close to the hole.

After two hours of practice, Samuel cleaned up. He and Joie went to dinner. They found a simple Mexican restaurant that served very tart margaritas.

Zen Sex: Joie Needed Him In Bed

zen sex lustless lustThe fried ice cream they shared was almost gone when Samuel looked lovingly into Joie’s eyes. Their connection was intimate and uninhibited.

Without breaking their connection, both called for the check at the same time. Joie needed him in bed, now.

Samuel asked Joie, “Does ‘Zen’ work in bed?”

Joie replied, “Dunno, I’ve never tried.”

“Let’s find out,” he said.

“Zen” indeed worked in bed. There was no separation between them during their lovemaking. They were synchronous and harmonious, almost as if they were one creature.

Joie and Samuel had one last lingering kiss and fell fast asleep in each other’s arms. Neither stirred until the sun shined through the windows.

Samuel hopped out of bed first. The bathroom was tiny but functional. He came back to bed, and Joie took her turn. When she got back in bed, they looked into each other’s eyes, but last night’s magic was gone. Joie noticed she felt closer to him than ever before, but the “soul-spark” wasn’t there.

Samuel’s discomfort and distance were palpable. He grinned, asking Joie, “What the hell happened?” Before she could answer, Samuel said, “I’m afraid it will never be that good again. What was in those margaritas?”

Joie didn’t answer. She sensed Samuel wanted to say more. Anyway, she had no clue about what happened. But she knew she liked it and wanted more of whatever it was.

Zen Sex Has A Spell On You

zen sex - joie d'sprit connection no separation“Damned if that wasn’t Zen Sex?” said Samuel.

Joie’s laughter was spontaneous blowing snot out her nose making her laugh even harder. Her laughter was contagious. Soon they both had tears streaming down their faces from laughter.

Samuel got up to find Kleenex. They wiped their faces of tears and mucus. As they calmed down, Samuel gazed into Joie’s eyes. The connection was back.

Without speaking, he sat up, sitting cross-legged. Joie crawled onto his lap, wrapping her legs around his waist. They gazed into each other’s eyes, each probing the other’s Spirit. Neither protecting their own.

Their intimacy wasn’t sexual now. Naked bodies embraced but their mental connection created the intimacy. Their energies were as one.

Their breathing was synchronized. Ego, pretense, fear, self-consciousness disappeared, and for several moments, the two became one.

Joie kissed Samuel which started their morning of lovemaking. Their sex was more physical than the night before. The harmony and synchronicity of their connection made their efforts, effortless.

It was noon when they woke up. Each lover silent, embarrassed by the depth of their vulnerability.

Joie showered first.

Samuel tried to join her, but the small bathroom made it impossible.

Samuel joined Joie in meditation. When they finished, each jotted a few notes into their journals. Their entries were cut short by their need for food.

After lunch, they hiked and shopped before returning for Samuel’s putting practice. The harmonious connection between them required very few spoken words. Their minds in sync, each knew the other’s needs.

After putting practice, Samuel asked Joie what the heck was happening between them.

Zen Sex: No Separation Between Lovers

Joie said, “I have no clue. I’m scared and intrigued at the same time.”

“I’m scared too,” said Samuel. “It’s like you’re inside my head and I’m in yours. It’s a damn strange experience. I’m not creeped out, but feel I should be.”

“I’m feeling your love, your passion, and lust without embarrassment,” said Joie. “Your timing and touch keep me breathless. I’m turned on but not in a purely sexual way — also mentally.”

They watched the sunset, each considering their own experiences. Neither found answers, but each curious where their connection would lead them next. Both were afraid of becoming more vulnerable, more exposed. Yet each worried they would miss something spectacular by not following their hearts.

Joie smiled to herself thinking, “This takes vacation sex to a new level. Is this the 9th Dimensional Spiritual Plane?”

They had pizza delivered. It sucked. Not even cold, soggy pizza interfered with the connection between Joie and Samuel. When they made it into bed, both found the sleep of a baby.

For the first time in years, Joie felt really safe. She slept 10 hours straight through.

Joie woke with a start. Filled with terror, sweating bullets, and unsure where she was. She looked at Samuel. He was sleeping. Scanning the room, she noticed nothing out of place.

Taking a deep breath, Joie tried to remove herself from fear’s grip. She reached for her journal and tried to recall the dream that woke her up.

Bad Pizza = Batshit Crazy Dreams

Joie’s breathing steadied, and her mind started to calm. Looking out the window, Joie saw a brilliant orangey-pink sky. The sun would break the horizon soon. A new day. But would it be her last day? She took a deep breath and let it out, forcing herself to recall the dream.

The only part she could remember was she and Samuel in his Land Rover veering off the road and over a cliff….

In the dream, Joie’s stomach turned flips as she experienced the weightlessness of the fall. Then she woke up. She commanded herself to go back in time to see what caused them to swerve off the road. She couldn’t see what happened.

Joie couldn’t go back to sleep. She put on the coffee and waited on the deck for it to brew as the sun woke up Big Bear.

She heard roosters crowing. There was a faint smell of bacon frying. Joie was listening to traffic picking up when the alarm sounded on the coffee maker.

Joie snuggled deeper into her robe and went inside to get a cup. Samuel was still asleep. He must have slept like a rock too. She sipped her coffee, thinking about the past two days. As she watched him sleep, she felt her connection with this man. She marveled at her fearlessness. She held nothing back from Samuel. And then fear filled her body.

Joie turned and went back to the deck. She wanted this weekend never to end. The fear of it ending, of Samuel leaving, of dying! Wait, she’d forgotten the dream. The Land Rover was careening over the mountainside to certain death.

She felt a warm, familiar sensation on the left side of her face. She smiled recognizing Al’s vibration, her spirit guide. “Good morning Al,” she said in her mind. “We need to talk. Let me quiet my mind first.”

Zen Sex: Your Minds Briefly Touched

zen sex mind's touching brieflyJoie took a deep breath and quieted her mind. She touched Al’s vibration. He greeted her with a connection like the one she’d felt with Samuel the past two days. She found comfort in Al’s familiar voice.

Joie asked Al what happened between her and Samuel. Al said, “Your minds briefly touched.” She jotted that into her journal. Joie knew asking Al for more details wouldn’t get him to share more.

She asked Al about her dream’s meaning. The moment she remembered the dream, she panicked, and her connection with Al stopped. Joie thought to herself, “Damn it, will I ever be in control of this feeble mind of mine?”

Relying on her memory of dreams from her classes, Joie decided the bad pizza caused a physiological dream. It wasn’t prophetic. She asked Al if she was right and thought she heard “Yes,” but she wasn’t sure.

Samuel walked onto the deck wearing a towel wrapped around his waist. He smelled fresh and yummy. She hadn’t heard him showering.

He pulled her up into a massive bear hug. It seemed he was trying to squeeze away any distance between them.

He picked her up and tried to carry her through the Airstream door. Wasn’t happening.

He set her down and led her into the bedroom. Compared to the past couple of days, this was a quickie but perfectly so.

As they caught their breath, Joie realized they were still in sync.

Samuel hopped up and took another quick shower. He got dressed and said he was going to be putting while she got ready to leave, giving Joie his full attention as he spoke.

Smiling, he pulled her up off the bed and patted her ass as he lovingly nudged her toward the bathroom.

Zen Golf — The Short Game

Joie sat on the deck, towel-drying her hair as she watched Samuel putt. The golf balls did seem to have eyes on them. Before each putt, Samuel went through the mini-ritual Joie helped him devise.

  • First, stand behind the ball, looking toward the hole.
  • Second, take a deep breath and as it’s exhaled, have your mind follow it down to a quiet place within.
  • Third, imagine your putt watching the path the ball wants to take to drop into the hole.
  • Fourth, addressing the ball, line up the putter and see the hole as twice its size.
  • Fifth, see the ball dropping into the cup as you follow through with a slow, steady swing.

Samuel practiced being the ball, his new Zen Golf system, for an hour.

He found Joie sitting on the couch with her feet under her and her eyes closed. Samuel sat next to her, asking what she was thinking about. She shared her dream with him.

“Nothing,” Joie said. She shared her dream with him.

When she got to the end, she added that bad pizza caused the dream and that Al confirmed as much.

Samuel asked, “Al?”

“My companion guide, he’s a Spirit Entity,” Joie said.

“A ghost? A ghost told you a bad dream wasn’t going to happen?” Samuel looked shocked. “And this ghost said the dream happened because you ate crappy pizza? Really?”

Laughing, Joie said, “Yup, something like that.”

Samuel sat down, staring out the window.

Joie had never told Samuel she was learning to be a medium in her classes. Hell, she had a hard time accepting that part of her spiritual development herself.

Do They Watch Us Having Sex?

Samuel looked up and asked, “Does Al watch us having sex?”

“I’ve never asked him and haven’t ever noticed him standing around, but I’m usually too busy to look,” Joie said.

“I guess we’re ready to head down the hill. Unless there’s anything else, I need to know,” Samuel said.

They packed the car, got gas and headed down the hill.

The ride was quiet.

Joie’s full attention was on the road, not trusting that she’d heard Al’s confirmation correctly.

When they got to the bottom of the hill, Samuel turned to Joie asking her to tell him what she knew about dreams. He looked very serious.

Joie shared what she’d learned in her studies. There are three types of dreams: psychological, physiological, and psychic.

It May Be A Prophetic Dream

prophetic dreams - psychic dreamsPsychological dreams happen when there’s something emotional or ontological bothering you. Your subconscious mind uses dreams to help you sort out answers or solutions.

Physiological dreams happen with there is a physical disturbance or change. These are typically batshit crazy, nightmarish dreams. Things like bad food, drinking, drugs, temperature changes, or fever can cause them.

Psychic dreams come from our intuition or our Spirit Guides and Teachers. They can be warnings or instructional. They are prophetic if you have the same dream, exact in every detail, three times.

Samuel absorbed every word of Joie’s lesson. By the end, he was angry.

“Samuel, what’s wrong?”

Samuel drove in silence.

After about ten minutes, Samuel said, “I had a dream last night. It may be a psychic dream. It was the third time I had this same dream.”

Joie asked about his dream.

Samuel drove them home in silence.

Next week, Joie learns about Samuel’s prophetic dream and how it may affect their future.

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